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I Love Greek Yogurt

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Okay, so this is me sharing my thoughts on how much I absolutely love Greek yogurt.  Now, I do the non-fat, plain (take your pick of brand, although some are admittedly better than others) and I use it for so many things instead of more fatty ingredients.

For instance, I will use Greek yogurt in place of sour cream for dip.  It’s much higher in protein and, well, it’s non-fat.  Win-win, right?  Mix it in with onion soup mix or a packet of ranch and you’ve got a much healthier version of dip!

I will also use Greek yogurt and any number of other ingredients to make dressing for salads.  I’ll usually make enough for a few salads by doing about 1 cup of Greek yogurt, and then adding about 2 tablespoons of light tasting extra virgin olive oil, and some mustard and some minced garlic and maybe throw in some chives.  I throw it into a blender (or in my case I have a Magic Bullet) and mix it up and then I’m good for a few salads.

You can add all kinds of things – how about some bacon bits or some horseradish or fresh dill.  Yummy to all of that!

Or, of course, just throw a spoon of it on top of your nachos in place of sour cream.  Again, much healthier and it really tastes the same as its counterpart!



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