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Sue’s Facelift – One Year Later [Video]

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since I had my facelift. So, I figured that I would bring you an update on my facelift one year later.

My one year follow-up

So, I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon recently, and it went so well! She is pleased with my progress and how my face has “settled in” to the facelift – or vice versa. She checked out her work, looking at the areas where the stitches were. And, I have to happily report that they are not easily found!

The stitches on the side of my face and behind my ears are really non-existent. The stitches under my chin are a little more noticeable if you look up at them from below, but then I have to admit that the stitches from the bicycle accident when I was a kid (MANY years ago) are still there, too, so I’m totes cool with that.

So, here are the thoughts going through my mind right now.

If you’re going to do a facelift (and this is totally just my opinion), I think it’s probably best to do the basic first and then let your face settle in before taking any next steps. When I was talking with my surgeon prior to the procedure, we did discuss the option of doing some little extras, but ultimately we decided to wait on the extra stuff. So, my awesome surgeon pulled everything up equally and my face is now settling in. So, now I can decide if/when I want to do anything else. Am I good with where I am? I love where I am! Do I want more? Well… I admit that I’m considering some fine-tuning. No surgery – just injectables. I go into the office, get injected, and go home. Bam! That won’t happen for a while though as I have a bunch of other stuff that I’m focusing on for now.

I was interviewed about it!

In the meantime, I am so very excited to share with you that I was interviewed in an article from Health & Healing NC. They were doing a feature on my surgeon and interviewed me as part of that article. Want to check it out? Go to: It’s really a wonderful article, complete with before and after pictures – although my current “after” look is a bit different. If I’m not mistaken, those “after” pictures were, I think, at 3 months. So, the healing has progressed from then.

Want to see what I look like now? Check out the video:

Thank you…until next time!

So, I just have to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who has come along on this journey with me. Your support has been incredible – I’m truly humbled by all of it. Is this the end? Heck no! I will definitely keep you informed as new and exciting things happen in my world!

To be continued… 🙂

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