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Welcome to my new site!

As we grow in life, we often find that our journey takes us along a path that we had not anticipated. So much has changed for me over the past couple of years. And with that, I decided it was time to relocate my blog and change it up a bit.

So here we are! My website was previously a simple blog on Wordpress. It is still a blog, but is so much more. I am soon going to include the merch which is now just available through Etsy.

I don't know yet exactly how much of my Etsy inventory will be available here. Etsy has a lot of benefit for sellers and buyers alike. But, I know that not everyone has an Etsy account. And I'm all about providing options when possible.

I have so much to do yet before I can sell here, but moving from Wordpress here to Wix is the first part of that pre-work.

I will also be bringing all of my blog posts from the old site over here to the new site, so that you can stay up on all that has gone on in my life.

Stay tuned!!!

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