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Antenna vs Cable

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

So, I used to have Cable for my televisions.  However, a few months ago I decided to ditch the cable and buy antennae (or is it antennas?) for all of my TVs.  As someone who doesn’t watch a whole bunch of TV, it’s not that big of a deal.  But, if you are someone who DOES like to watch a lot of TV, you might want to consider a few things before cutting the cable and making the switch to an antenna.

First, antenna + metal = bad reception.  My house has aluminum siding.  And, while it’s pretty siding, it’s basically wrapped my house in metal.  Metal is not good if you want to use an antenna.

Secondly, while I do get most of the local stations, there is one station (that I absolutely LOVE to watch) that does not come in very well.  I called the station and found that they broadcast in VHF whereas most of the other stations broadcast in UHF.  Bummer for me.  Put that together with having a house wrapped in metal, and it’s not a good combo.  While I’m almost always able to get this station on my TVs that are upstairs (yep, the higher you are, the better), I’m unable to get it downstairs at all.  So, I’ve decided to go with an Amazon Fire Stick for downstairs and use it to watch movies.  No biggie because I spend most of my time upstairs anyway – so all good.  I’m waiting for the Fire Stick to arrive as I’m eager to check that out!

Another thing is, especially if you do have a house wrapped in metal, you will need to hang the antenna in the window.  Some communities frown upon that…just sayin’

Lastly, if you are in an area that has bad weather on a regular basis, that does have an effect on reception as well.

You might now be thinking, wow Sue, you sound like you’re a bit disappointed to have cut the cable and gone to antenna reception.  Nah.  I’m cool with it.  I’m saving a considerable amount of money every month (the antenna is a one-time purchase) and there are actually a lot of stations that I’d never heard of before that I am now all of a sudden able to get!  So, that’s a very good thing!  And, when everyone else’s cable goes out – as it does – my antenna still works.

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