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Meet Tana_He Rules the Roost

Say “hi” to Tana, aka Santana, aka Tana banana, aka Tana B, aka BB. Yep, my cat has quite a few names, and he answers to all of them cuz he’s just that smart!

He’s a 9 year old rescue tabby cat that I got at Second Chance Pet Adoption and I couldn’t be any happier. He’s an unending source of entertainment for me, he’s a little snuggle bunny, and he definitely enjoys participating in Skype conferences when I’m on the computer – yep, just ask my coworkers, they’ll attest to that. And, of course, he has me wrapped around his paw..but then again, I’m totally okay with it.

And, yes, some people already know this, but he DOES ride around in a pink stroller. When I ordered it online, it looked more red and here I was thinking, oh nice, NC State red. But, alas, it was a pretty pink sherbet color. So some people mistake him for a female cat, saying “oh look at her, she’s so sweet in there,” but I quickly correct them so that they know he is all boy. And, I will add that he is 100% the king of the road when he is in his stroller. In fact, if I stop to talk with someone, he will let me know that it is time to go when we’ve been stopped for too long. I imagine him saying, “Mommy, a walk means movement, and we’re not moving, so giddy up because I’ve got things to do.” But I digress. So, now you’ve met Tana…and you will undoubtedly see more of him because he and I do like hanging out together. And, quite honestly, I have quite a few very funny stories about this little guy that I would love to share. Lucky you! 🙂

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