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Success – What Is It?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

What Is Success?

I recently had a conversation with someone and the topic of success was brought up. And, then for some reason, that conversation came to my mind this morning. So, I ask you…”What is success to you?”

I had taken a public speaking class a couple of years ago and, as it turns out, one of my speeches was on this very subject. Part of that speech follows –

“What does success mean? If you were to look in the mirror, would you see a picture of success? If so, then how did you get there? And, if not, then what is holding you back?

Success comes in many forms. Some find success in the form of financial security. Others find success in having ‘stuff.’ Yet others feel success is finding that ultimate life partner they’ve always wanted. For me, success is simply being healthy and truly happy. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not negating any of the other ideas of success. I’m simply sharing what I think is the ultimate in success.

Have you ever seen videos of people who have so much less than any of us…but yet they are smiling and singing and dancing like they have absolutely no cares in the world? They, in my opinion, are truly successful… The reflection in their mirror would be one of success.”

As mentioned in my speech, success can be very different things to different people.  It can run the gamut from money or a title to winning a competition to having that true soul mate to having good health to even simply waking up in the morning. As I have aged, my idea of success has changed.  While it was something more externally-focused when I was younger, it has become more of something that is felt from within. So, my previous idea of success was appropriate for that time in my life.  Now it’s just something different.  Sometimes that inner success comes from the happiness I get in doing good for others.  Other times it’s simply a moment of peace that I get just from “being” – not sure if that makes sense or not to others, but it makes perfect sense to me. And, I’m sure that as I age further, it will change again and again.  🙂

Does all of this mean I feel my previous opinion of success was wrong in any way? Absolutely not. Nor do I think I have a right to say that just because someone else’s idea of success does not match up with mine, they are not truly successful. What’s right for me at this stage of my life isn’t necessarily right for someone else – whether they are the same age as me or younger or older. We are all individuals with unique life stories.

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