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Welcome to QuintessentialSue – I’m Glad You’re Here!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

QuintessentialSue… how in the world did I come up with a name like that?

So, then I thought about what I wanted to include in the blog.  I started out with the idea because of the facelift I had and wanting to share my journey with others.  “Okay.  So what else?”  I have a lot of interests – photography, my new found love of healthy living, travels, and any other random thoughts that might pop into my mind at any given time.  “Okay, but that still doesn’t tell us where the Quintessential part came from.”

I then looked at and for a little assistance.  I love those websites for when I need to do a little wordsmithing – much better than saying the same thing over and over, dontcha think?  I went through a variety of descriptive words in the thesaurus that I felt might describe me.  One search led to another, and a click on a keyword here and there, and I then came up with Essential.  From there, I saw Quintessential and I thought, “Ooooooh, that sounds good.”  So I put it together with my name and QuintessentialSue was born.

Now you know a bit about where I got the name and what I might be including in my blog.  I’ve got some travel planned, and I intend on picking up the camera more often to share my love of photography.  And, of course, I will share my journey as I go through the ups and downs (hopefully more ups than downs!) of all aspects of life.

In time, I will make my blog more accessible as I learn the various ways of connecting it with others through email and social media.  Until then, I hope that you’ll come back and visit to see what new and exciting things I will be adding to it.



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