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Carib Mask Caribbean Festival 2017 (video)

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Music, awesome smells, colorful costumes, dancing, and overall fun. These are just a few things that come to mind when describing the…

Carib Mask Caribbean Festival

I had the opportunity to attend this festival yesterday. And, while it was a little slow starting, it definitely picked up quickly and ended with a whole bunch of wild fun in the streets. There were probably ten different dance groups, all with varied Caribbean flavors to their routines.

And, of course I wanted to share the sights so I took some pics and am sharing them here with you.

While I did take more pics than just this, I hope you enjoy what I’ve shared here. I am actually working on my street photography. Some of my friends have a talent for capturing some awesome shots on a moment’s notice, I find that I am a bit tentative when it comes to grabbing that quick shot. But, that’s the beauty in digital photography – I can practice, practice, practice until I find my comfort level increasing to the point where I, too, can grab that quick shot.

By the way, this is just the beginning of the street festival season in my area. And, it seems that we have festivals here about ever other week for about three months, with something new and exciting to experience at each one. We have so many awesomely diverse cultures here and we like to celebrate all of them. So, I will most definitely have more to share very soon!


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