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Sue’s Travels – Asheville, NC

Relaxing, exciting, fun, enlightening, exhilarating, perfect, and so many other adjectives can describe my trip to beautiful Asheville, NC.

I was originally planning on attending a workshop at the Grove Park Inn this weekend, but that just didn’t happen for me.  However, even though I had decided against attending the workshop, I felt that I still needed the time away for a short vacation.  So, since I had already gotten my reservation at the Albemarle Inn, a place that I had stayed at previously, I decided to keep my reservation there and enjoy a relaxing weekend.  And, I am very glad I did!

First of all, if you ever plan on visiting Asheville, I highly recommend The Albemarle Inn.  

It’s an awesome Bed & Breakfast located just down the hill from The Grove Park Inn.  This weekend was my second time staying at the Albemarle Inn.  I had stayed there once before, in October 2016, and loved it so much that I had actually booked my April 2017 reservation upon checkout of my first visit.  The Innkeepers, Fabrizio and Rosemary, have done a fantastic job in making it a comfortable – and very welcoming – place for singles and couples alike.  Rosemary is often onsite and, along with the awesome young ladies that she has working there, they all definitely do everything possible to ensure that guests have a wonderful experience.  I typically travel by myself, and while staying at the Inn, I feel as though I’m with good friends, so I’m never uncomfortable or feel alone at all.

My visit this weekend started when I walked through the door of the Inn and was welcomed back (yes, they said “welcome back”) which really gave me a warm feeling.  We exchanged pleasantries and I was then shown to my room, The Blue Ridge Room.  And, wow, I sure love my room!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t add that the sheets on the bed are hands-down the most wonderful sheets I’ve ever felt.  I found out that they are made by Comphy.  Hmm, I believe I will need to make a purchase sometime in the near future.  🙂

I dropped my stuff in my room and headed downtown for a little walk around.  Asheville is a wonderfully eclectic town, very artsy.  It’s a place that I really enjoy even just walking around with no purpose other than people-watching.  After about an hour or so spent walking around downtown Asheville, it was then time to head back to the Inn for the Social Hour.  A nice glass or two or three of Malbec and some treats from the cracker/cheese/fruit tray was perfect after my trek around town!  Well, Social Hour turned into Social (about 3) Hours.  What I love about staying at a B&B is that interaction between guests is truly encouraged.  That’s something you just don’t get at a chain hotel.  I met some wonderful people and had great conversations!

Another great benefit of staying at Albemarle Inn is the yummy breakfast.  On Saturday morning, we were treated to a two-course breakfast, beginning with cakes and yogurt and fruit and cereal, along with juices and coffee/tea.  The main course was red velvet waffles with bacon.  And, the waffles had some kind of yummy syrup on them and slivered almonds and brown sugar sprinkled on top.

It was a great start to the day, followed by time spent in front of the fireplace while reading a book and taking in some additional caffeine.

The day was then spent running all around downtown Asheville again – this time with a friend I had met while in Asheville for the workshop last year.  BTW, my Fitbit was very happy because I got in quite a few steps!.  Then, I had the great fortune to take the GrayLine Ghost Tour in the evening.  Wow, that sure was fun!  We boarded a trolley with our driver, Honey, and our tour guide, Brian, who by the way was incredibly animated and very knowledgeable about the history (both paranormal and other) of Asheville.  I definitely recommend this tour if you have any interest in the paranormal.  Sorry I don’t have any pictures from that Tour.  However, I suppose if I took pics of ghosts, you probably wouldn’t be able to see them anyway, right?  LOL  Kidding.  I know you can see them.  (queue the Twilight Zone music)

After another wonderful sleep (on those awesome sheets), Sunday morning’s breakfast was just as yummy as the offering on Saturday.  Again it started with a first course of cakes and fruit and cereal, coffee and tea and juices.  Our main course was Eggs Benedict with Asparagus.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and one that I look forward to again.  And, of course, I will go back to The Albemarle Inn any time I go to Asheville because quite honestly, I now can’t imagine staying anywhere else.

Oh and by the way, that picture of the mountains at the beginning of the blog post…I took that picture from I-40.  I had pulled off the side of the road and made sure to do so on a straight section of the highway.  Even so, I was taking the pictures and all of a sudden I heard a male voice behind me asking, “Are you okay, ma’am?”  It was a police officer checking on me.  I told him all was good and pointed to the view, saying that I just couldn’t pass up taking a quick picture.  We chatted for a moment and wished each other a nice day.  How nice was that?!?  

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