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Sue’s Travels – Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC (Video)

This past weekend, I took a trip to Winston-Salem, NC, to tour around Old Salem. It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived just a couple of hours away from there and had never taken the opportunity to check it out.

Old Salem is a very quaint town, settled by Moravians, that takes one back to Colonial days – a time that was so much simpler. We purchased the “tour ticket” which at this writing costs $27 for a 2-day pass. We were only there for a few hours, but I would say it was pretty well worth the price of the ticket as most of the buildings did require a tour ticket to gain entrance.

We started the day with lunch at The Flower Box Tea Room and Cafe.  A bit pricey, but my chicken salad sandwich was pretty good. The others got this item called Full Tea or something like that. It was a sampling of their various pastries and sandwiches. I will say that I really liked the restroom. I know, not what you would expect to hear. But, it was actually pretty cool.

Next up was heading down to the museum to buy a ticket for the tour.  Then, we went walking up and down Main Street – that’s where the bulk of the sites are located. Thank goodness it was a nice day, a wee bit hot, but not too bad.  There were “interpreters” dressed in period garb, sharing the history of each building and a little about the settlement itself as well.

After getting in a LOT of walking, we then made our way to The Tavern for dinner.

While the others ordered more typical dinner food, I opted for the Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese. First, we were treated to some wonderful, fresh from the oven mini-muffins and rolls. Then, came dinner. And, oh my goodness it was AWESOME!  Two thumbs way up. I do like to get dishes that are regional in nature. And, knowing that Pimento Cheese is huge in the South, and Fried Green Tomatoes are as well, that was without a doubt the perfect combo for my dinner.

After dinner, it was time to head back home. All in all, it was a nice day trip. So, if you live anywhere near Winston-Salem, NC and haven’t taken a tour of Old Salem, go check it out. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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